‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Enters Vudu’s Top Titles for the Week

Movies usually generate the most money on the transactional video service Vudu, but this week, one of the top-earning titles was actually a series. The recently released Season 4 of Paramount’s popular modern Western Yellowstone made the second spot on the top ten list. The Kevin Costner-led drama is the only series to make it on the list in a long time.

Ryan Reynolds in Free Guy was back in the top-earning spot again this week after being replaced by The Addams Family 2 at Halloween. Now, the animated classic has slipped to fourth place behind Candyman and just ahead of The Suicide Squad.

Vudu’s top ten titles for the past week:

1.    Free Guy

2.    Yellowstone: Season 4

3.    Candyman (2021)

4.    The Addams Family 2

5.    The Suicide Squad

6.    Dangerous

7.    Old

8.    Stillwater

9.    Cry Macho

10.   Black Widow