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You Can Now Stream Locals For FREE in Dallas Thanks to Locast

Locast a new live TV streaming service that launched back in January in New York City to offer access to 15 stations including ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC. Now Locast is expanding into Dallas TX with plans to expand into other markets later this year. With Locast you can stream ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC among others for free in Dallas and New York.

“Broadcast TV since its inception was supposed to be free and available to the public, especially during football season, when every local professional game is on broadcast,” said SFCNY Chairman David Goodfriend. “Dallas is football country and this fall, Dallas fans will be able to watch their home team online for free,” said Goodfriend. “Texas taxpayers helped to pay for the stadiums, roads, ramps, and rights-of-way that make the games possible; they own the public airwaves that carry the games on TV; and they deserve to watch their home team play, even if they can’t get an over-the-air broadcast signal or don’t want to pay for cable or satellite,” added Goodfriend.

Locast also announced the launch of a new Android app making it easier to stream your locals.

Locast parent company Sports Fans Coalition is a nonprofit and says they have an exception in the FCC rules that allows them to air locals without paying them for the service. They are hoping to be protected by Title 17, Chapter 1, section 111 a) 5 of the Copyright Act a section that allows non-profits to avoid many of the fees companies would typically pay.

The Sports Fan Coalition was created for the purpose of launching Locast and is headed by David Goodfriend. The question now is how will broadcasters react to this new service but Goodfriend is no stranger to pushing back against broadcasters and the NFL.

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