Younger Households are More Likely to Stream Live Events Than Watch on Traditional TV

Awards season is in full force with the Golden Globes behind us and the Grammys wrapping up last Sunday. Oscar Nominations are in and the live event is scheduled for later in April. However, this year’s shows have seen a bit of a decline in viewership. It’s possible a virtually-hosted live show just doesn’t carry the appeal and glamour of traditionally attended Hollywood events, or maybe viewers are just losing interest altogether.

This year, the reach of streaming channels that carried the Grammys during showtime increased 28% YoY, while total hours spent viewing increased 22% compared to last year, according to Roku. Meaning while the show made it into more households, viewers spent less time watching. While the Grammy’s overall viewership decreased year over year, the music star-studded night still outperformed the 2021 Golden Globes & competing programs on Sunday, March 14.

Also worth noting is that 8% of last year’s traditional linear TV Grammy-viewing households made the switch to streaming the event this year. Streaming households are also 5% more likely to contain someone between the ages of 18-49, and 7% more likely to contain someone ages 25-34, compared to traditional linear TV households. At the same time, traditional linear TV-viewing households were 19% more likely to contain someone 65+, compared to streamers.

It’s clear that the younger demographic is more likely to choose streaming when it comes to live events like the Grammys.