YouTube Not Quite Playing Well With Apple’s Latest OS Updates

Apple’s latest operating system updates went live this past week, shortly after the company’s product showcase. As usual those updates pack a number of features both large and small, but it looks like certain new additions aren’t quite playing well with YouTube at the moment.

First off, there’s iOS 14, with its picture-in-picture mode — something that’s been available to iPad users for a while now. Unfortunately, The Verge reports that attempting to play YouTube videos in the new mode via Safari doesn’t work at the moment. We were able to confirm this behavior ourselves. If you load up a YouTube video in Safari, you can opt to play it in full-screen mode like normal. However, if you then select the option to pop out the video into picture-in-picture mode, the video will briefly start playing in a small window before snapping back to the YouTube website.

As The Verge notes, the picture-in-picture option seems to work fine if you’re a YouTube Premium user, but regular users are apparently out of luck at the moment.

Meanwhile, in the run-up to tvOS 14’s release, Apple touted the ability to view YouTube content in up to 4K resolution. And while the new Apple TV operating system update is now live, it appears 4K YouTube support isn’t quite ready for prime time. When Apple TV users took to Twitter to ask about the missing capability, YouTube’s support account chimed in to say they’re working on it.

We’ll keep an eye out to see if and when YouTube and Apple’s newest OS updates get more in sync. In the mean time, if you’ve downloaded these latest software versions, feel free to comment down below about your experiences so far.