YouTube Picture-in-Picture Mode Coming to All iOS Users in the US, Premium Members First

It’s taken a while to get to this point, but it looks like YouTube’s picture-in-picture mode is finally set to arrive for all iOS users — though Premium subscribers are first in line. MacRumors reports that YouTube has started rolling out the feature, first to Premium users before making the update available for non-Premium in the US as well.

The feature lets users watch YouTube content in a small mini player window as they use other apps on their device. Picture-in-picture has been available on iPads in the past, but iPhone support has been somewhat uneven. Back in September, we reported that users of the then-new iOS 14 were having trouble enabling the feature. That led some to go with workarounds and other solutions, including viewing YouTube videos through the Safari browser instead of the dedicated app.

In any case, it looks like the feature is finally on its way, although the statement YouTube provided to MacRumors doesn’t include exact timing. There’s also no clear indication just yet of the potential time difference between when paid and non-paid users will see the update. If you’ve been looking forward to leveraging the feature, keep an eye out for new app updates for the near future, especially if you’re a YouTube Premium subscriber.