YouTube TV Adds a New Feature for Sports Fans

youtube tv logoIf you are a sports fan, YouTube TV has a new feature you are going to want to test out. Recently YouTube TV added a feature called Key Plays. This new feature will allow YouTube TV subscribers to watch a condensed version of DVRed sporting events. Instead of watching a two-hour basketball game or a three-plus-hour football game YouTube will automatically create a custom list of the must-see plays from the game, which allows you to watch the important points in a fraction of the time.

Recently on YouTube supercuts of sporting events have become hugely popular with networks like ESPN and FS1 putting extended highlights of sporting events up for fans. Now YouTube TV is jumping in the game in an effort to attract sports fans to subscribe.

This is not just a pre-produced video, but the key plays feature allows fans to also pick the play they want to watch. You can find this new option when you click on a sporting event right next to an option to watch the game from the begining. We successfully tested it out on an Android smartphone using the YouTube TV app.

For non-sports fans, this feature may seem worthless, but to sports fans it is huge. The ability to watch multiple sporting events in a fraction of the time saves tons of time and effort and allows sports fans to quickly catch up on some of the games they have missed.

Do features like this play a part of you selecting a streaming service? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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