YouTube TV and Netflix are the Top Streaming Services of 2020 (Cordie Awards 2020)

Recently, we asked our readers to vote on their favorite streaming services and devices from 2020. When it comes to what CCN readers have been watching, Netflix and YouTube TV are the clear winners.

First, we asked about on demand services. Netflix won the Cordie Award with 35.8% of the votes. Amazon Prime Video came in second with 16.6% of the votes. Disney+, Hulu, and HBO Max rounded out the top five.

The top five all launched major titles and original content in 2020. Netflix pulled in subscribers with titles including The Queens Gambit, season 4 of The Crown, scoring rights to Cobra Kai, and many more. Amazon Prime Video has been steadily adding titles to its on demand library and launched its own originals like The Boys. Disney+ launched with huge subscriber numbers in 2019 but managed to grow its subscriber base even more with Hamilton, the most streamed original movie of 2020. Hulu released titles including Little Fires Everywhere, The Great, and Palm Springs in 2020. HBO Max grew its subscriber base by finally making deals with Amazon and Roku this year and releasing Wonder Woman 1984 on Christmas Day.

Next up, in the competition of live TV streaming services, YouTube TV took the top spot with 36.9% of the votes. Sling TV came in second with 18.4% followed by Philo with 14.7%, Hulu with Live with 14%, and fuboTV with 5.2%.

Interestingly, Hulu with Live took the second place spot in last year’s Cordie Awards but was beat out this year by two more affordable options. Sling TV starts at $30/month and Philo has maintained its low price of $20/month by skipping locals and sports channels which, as we all saw more than ever this year, come with increasing fees that lead to price hikes.