YouTube TV Confirms That ESPN3 is No Longer Available to Subscribers

Depressed mature man holding paper and looking at it while sitting on the couch at homeYesterday Cord Cutters News reported that ESPN3 was being removed from YouTube TV. Now we have been able to confirm this from the YouTube TV’s official Reddit account. According to YouTube TV as of August 2019, ESPN3 is no longer offered to YouTube TV subscribers through the ESPN app.

So what is ESPN? ESPN3 gives additional access to ESPN content like games airing on ABC and games not airing on any ESPN channel.

This is very similar way to what happened with DIRECTV NOW, at launch ESPN3 was supported for YouTube TV customers now though YouTube TV customers can no longer access ESPN3.  Now YouTube TV subscribers can still use the ESPN app to access streams of ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU etc you just won’t be able to access ESPN3 content.

The good news is many internet service providers offer ESPN3 for free. The bad news is this means you need to log out of the ESPN app to access ESPN3 and log back in to watch ESPN, ESPN2, etc.

Now when you try to use ESPN3 with YouTube TV you get this message:

Most live TV streaming services offer ESPN3 if you log in through the ESPN app. (A few, like Sling TV, also offer it through the Sling TV app.)

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