YouTube TV Extends Their Guide Data

Ever wonder what your favorite channel will be showing tomorrow? With YouTube TV you can now look farther ahead inside the guide.

Yesterday on the /r/YouTubeTV subreddit some readers noticed that YouTube TV has extended their guide data. When YouTube TV first launched you would only be able to look forward a few hours. Now YouTube TV has extended it allowing you to look farther into the future on the YouTube TV guide.

From the best we can tell you can now look forward 24 hours. Hopefully YouTube TV will add the ability to go several days into the future allowing you to easily set up a DVR recording if you plan to travel out of the country for example.

This is one more new YouTube TV feature that was recently quietly added. YouTube TV also recently added the ability to pick between on-demand and DVRed recordings for some channels from the My Shows area. No longer do you have to search for the DVRed recording—it will just show up there as an option.

YouTube TV also recently expanded their on-demand library for many networks including CBS. This gives YouTube TV subscribers access to even more content than they had before.

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