YouTube TV Is Cracking Down on Account Sharing

One of the best selling points for YouTube TV is their family sharing. You can give family members their own login, DVR, etc. Now it looks like YouTube TV is cracking down on people who use this option to share their account with family and friends who live outside the home location.

Recently we have been hearing reports from YouTube TV subscribers that family and friends who use the same account in different areas of the country are suddenly being logged out and blocked. Now some Reddit users have also been complaining about the crackdown.

From the looks of it, YouTube TV is locking the YouTube Account to the location of the main YouTube TV account. The short explanation is that if a family member is never using YouTube TV from the location Google sees as the home location at some point they will be locked out.

This is similar to PlayStation Vue’s new out-of-home rules. You can take a Roku or Fire TV with you on the road but once every few months it must be brought back to the home location and connect to the network there.

If you ever experience this issue with YouTube TV, all you need to do is bring the device that is no longer working with YouTube TV back to your home network. Logging it in there will once again allow that family member access to YouTube TV.

Exactly how long you have before you are locked out is unknown. Many affected YouTube TV account owners say they have been doing this for almost a year now.

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