YouTube TV is Offering Up to $20 Off/Month for Your First Three Months

YouTube TV has an offer for new subscribers, for either $10 or $20 off your first three months, bringing your price down as low as $44.99/month. A CCN reader found the $10 off offer ($54.99/month for your first three months) but we’ve also seen an even better offer of $20 off ($44.99/month for your first three months.)

Here are the screenshots for both offers.

Source: CCN screenshot

These offers seem to pop up randomly when visiting the YouTube TV website and the same offer may not be available every time you visit the site. (When writing this post, I found the $10 offer when navigating to the website on a desktop and the $20 offer when checking on my phone.) If you’re looking for the offer and not seeing it, try refreshing, coming back later, or trying on a different device. Note that the screenshots say the offers are for new customers only, so if you’re checking from a device where you’ve signed up for YouTube TV or signed into a YouTube TV account in the past, you may not see the offer.

YouTube TV announced its most recent price hike in June 2020 when the service added eight ViacomCBS channels. At that time, the price went up from $49.99/month to $64.99/month. The second half of that batch of channels was added in March 2021.

Since then, sports fans have been voicing their disappointment about YouTube TV not offering enough regional sports networks, including the newly rebranded Bally Sports networks. The discounted price being offered at the beginning of baseball season might be a way for YouTube TV to pull in subscribers who aren’t looking for a way to watch their local MLB team.