YouTube TV is Surveying Subscribers About a New $59.99 Package

youtube tv logoA few weeks ago YouTube TV emailed a customer about their raised $59.99 package price. YouTube quickly said that was a mistake but many started to worry that this was the first warning of a possible price hike. Now YouTube TV has started to survey subscribers about a new $59.99 package.

According to the survey, YouTube TV wants to know what features you would want to be included if they launched a new $59.99 YouTube TV package. The survey allowed you to pick from options like the ability to download DVR recordings and on-demand programming for offline viewing, or get audio-only/background mode for your mobile device.

YouTube TV also asked subscribers about additional packages ranging in price from $5 a month to $15 a month. From the looks of the survey, that would make YouTube TV very simular to Sling TVs method of offering a cheap base package and allowing subscribers to get add-ons to build a TV package they want. The idea of smaller packages is circulating as Disney announced that they are looking into offering smaller Hulu with live TV packages. This move by Google could be an effort to offset any move by Hulu. (If you want to see part of the YouTube TV survey that went out this week a subscriber posted part of the survey on Reddit HERE.)

Many streaming services offer multiple packages. From the wording of the survey, it looks like YouTube TV is considering launching a new package that would include more features and maybe more channels but at a higher price. But for now though, this is just a survey. It is very possible that YouTube TV would devise against any new packages or a higher price based on the feedback from YouTube TV subscribers.

Leave us a comment and let us know what you think of this survey. Would you want a high package with more channels and features, or smaller packages that let you build your own bundle?

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