YouTube TV Posts an Update On a Known Apple TV Bug

A few days ago, the team behind YouTube TV posted a new list of known YouTube TV bugs. This includes a new issue with the Apple TV that can prevent restarting a video after you pause it.

If you pause a video you are watching on YouTube TV you may find that you can’t restart it on the Apple TV by hitting the play button.

YouTube TV says they are working on a fix for the issue. For now, you can use the touchpad onscreen controls to restart the YouTube TV video. This is a short-term fix as Google works on a long-term fix.

Here are the known Issues at this time according to YouTube TV’s post on Reddit:


    • Playback of live/DVR sometimes immediately fails. We’re currently investigating this, no root cause identified yet.
      • Status: Fix is in the YTV Android TV 1.07 build in phased release now.

Sony Android TV

    • Playback performance regressions (stuttering/dropped frames) experienced after the Oreo update.
      • Status: Fix is in the YTV Android TV 1.07 build in phased release now.

Apple TV

    • Play/pause button on the remote doesn’t resume playback after pausing.
      • Status: We’ve root-caused the bug and are working on a fix. In the meantime, as a workaround please use the trackpad to control/resume playback.
    • Airplay2 and Bluetooth audio playback is out of sync or delayed
      • Status: We’re investigating the issue now.

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