YouTube TV Rolls Out a Fix For Their Apple TV App

For over a week now we have been getting reports of an issue with YouTube TV and their Apple TV app. Now YouTube has rolled out an update to fix the issue on Apple TV players to restore HD streaming.

In a post made on the YouTube TV subReddit a confirmed YouTube TV engineer said:

Yeah, as I mentioned on one of the other (many… many…. other…. :p) threads, we landed a fix last night that we believe should fix the major spike of resolution downgrades that started happening late last week.

There is still a baseline problem that we’ve escalated with Apple and need their assistance to help fix, but it should definitely be better now.

The issue may still not be 100% but it looks like YouTube TV has found the issue fixed what they can and is now waiting on Apple. Hopefully, the changes needed from Apple will happen soon. For now, most YouTube TV users who use an Apple TV should find their experience greatly improved.

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