YouTube TV Subscribers Lose Access to ESPN3

Just as the college football season starts YouTube TV customers have lost access to ESPN3 content. In a very similar way to what happened with DIRECTV NOW, at launch ESPN3 was supported for YouTube TV customers now though YouTube TV customers can no longer access ESPN3.  Now YouTube TV subscribers can still use the ESPN app to access streams of ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU etc you just won’t be able to access ESPN3 content.

Update YouTube has Confirmed that they no longer support ESPN3. “As of August 1st, YouTube TV no longer offers ESPN3 as part of it’s line up. That’s why it’s content can’t be accessed from the ESPN app with your log in. Hope this info helps.”

So what is ESPN? ESPN3 gives additional access to ESPN content like games airing on ABC and games not airing on any ESPN channel.

Here is an image of ESPN3 working on YouTube TV from earlier this year:

Now when you try to use ESPN3 with YouTube TV you get this message:

Most live TV streaming services offer ESPN3 if you log in through the ESPN app. (A few, like Sling TV, also offer it through the Sling TV app.) Cord Cutters News is reaching out to Google for comment several times, but as of the time of this posting, Google has not responded to our request for comment.

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