YouTube TV Subscribers Who Pay Using iTunes Now Pay $5 More a Month vs Paying Directly Through YouTube TV

Depressed mature man holding paper and looking at it while sitting on the couch at homeDo you subscribe to YouTube TV through iTunes? You may want to consider canceling that subscription and signing up directly through YouTube TV. Apple has started to contact YouTube TV subscribers who use iTunes to manage their YouTube TV account to notify them that their price is going up to $54.99 a month. That is $5 more than you would pay if you sign up directly through

Google like many services charges more if you subscribe to YouTube TV through iTunes because Apple takes a cut of every subscription paid for through iTunes. Some streaming services pass along the fee by charging more if you pay through iTunes including YouTube TV. Other services like Netflix have decided to just stop accepting iTunes as a payment method.

In a statement on Google’s website they notify YouTube TV subscribers of the change by saying: “As of May 13, 2019, YouTube TV members will be charged $54.99/month for a base membership going forward. You will be asked to accept the new price in iTunes to keep your membership active. Check out the YouTube blog for more information on this change. ”

Sadly we have not found a way to transfer a YouTube TV subscription from iTunes to Google. It looks like you need to cancel and signup again by visiting if you want to save the $5 a month. If you know of a way to transfer a current subscription of YouTube from iTunes to Google please leave a comment and let everyone know.

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