YouTube TV Will Add Offline Downloads and 4K Viewing

In the coming weeks, YouTube TV will be introducing a new add-on package that will offer “4K streaming, offline viewing, and unlimited concurrent streaming at home.”

The company announced the upcoming changes in a blog post Wednesday morning, saying “After just a few years, YouTube TV now has more than 3 million paid subscribers, 85+ networks, and offers unlimited DVR. Sports fans can even enjoy their favorite games with the ability to view key plays, hide spoilers, and check out real-time stats. And there’s more to come, including a new add-on option that lets viewers watch available shows in 4K or download them to their DVR to watch later offline.”

With the update, YouTube TV subscribers will also get unlimited concurrent streams at home, so everyone can watch what they want, when they want, on their own screens.

While YouTube TV didn’t give any pricing information in the announcement, calling it an add-on package implies that viewers will have to pay more than the $65/month cost of a YouTube TV subscription.

The most recent report from Google put YouTube TV at over 3 million subscribers, making it the second largest live TV streaming service after Hulu with Live with 4 million. Sling TV is the third most popular with 2.46 million in Q3.