YouTube Updates Mobile App with New Playback Features and Gestures

YouTube’s new revamped mobile app makes it easier to enter and exit full-screen mode, turn on closed captioning, skip to a specific part in the video, and more. These latest updates will make the viewing experience easier than ever.

The new update will make getting in and out of full screen mode as simple as a swipe of the finger. The new gesture for the command lets users simply swipe up on the video window to make it full screen and swipe down to exit and return to the standard video player without having to click on the expand and close buttons.

The mobile app is also expanding on the Chapters feature YouTube has been working on, which allows users to skip to certain markers in the video without having to fast forward, kind of like a DVD. The tap gesture allowing you to skip forward or back 10 seconds will still be in place.

Image: YouTube

There are also the additions of a few new buttons on the video player, including a closed caption on/off button at the top of the video for easy access. Plus a button to turn autoplay on and off (which will also soon be coming to desktops), and a new way to tap and see the timestamp on the video to go back and forth from displaying either time left in the video or time elapsed.

The updates will start rolling out on iOS and Android today.